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jess pryles burgermary meat and Texas barbecue expert

Meet Jess Pryles – Hardcore Carnivore.

I know what it’s like to be intimidated by cooking meat.

I used to be one of those people who stood in the meat department at the grocery store overwhelmed by the selection. I was too nervous to buy expensive meat because in case I messed it up and I didn’t understand the differences between the cuts. I loved the taste of meat, and wanted to cook it more often, I just didn’t know how…

So I set about changing all of that. I’ve spent years educating myself in the field of meat, and particularly beef. Cooking methods, which are the best tasting cheap cuts, which cuts are worth spending a little extra money on, what’s the difference between grass and grain fed, how does aging affect meat. I’ve visited ranches, slaughterhouses, butcher shops and gone through the experience of harvesting it myself. I’ve even attended courses at meat science University.

Now, I’m proud to call myself a Hardcore Carnivore.

During my journey, I developed a special affinity for low’n’slow Texas BBQ, and helped spread the gospel Down Under by co-founding the Australasian Barbecue Alliance. Since undergoing my “meatducation”, I’ve done a bunch of other cool stuff, too; hosting meat-themed TV shows, judging at the biggest BBQ competition in the world, being a guest speaker at SXSW , Texas A&M University and the American Meat Science Association conference. I’m a proud brand ambassador for Gerber knives and spokesperson for Lone Star Beer and Kingsford Charcoal, and have taught live fire cooking classes and demos across four different continents.

I’ve also developed my own line of unique meat seasonings called Hardcore Carnivore, released a cookbook and designed the JP signature edition smoker.

Born and raised in Australia, I found my spiritual home in Austin, Texas, where I now reside.

You can find my original recipes, stories and articles here on the site – I hope they help you unleash your inner carnivore!

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