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2020 gift guide for carnivores

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for BBQ & Meat Lovers

This year, give the gift they actually want. Perfect gifts for the fire-loving carnivore and BBQ fan - here are my picks for the giving season.

2018 gift guide for meat lovers

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Meat Lovers

Can't think of a great holiday gift for the Carnivore in your life? I have you covered with these nine suggestions that will be sure to please.

meatlovers guide to fort worth

The Meat Lovers Guide to: Fort Worth

It's the city where the west begins, home to the stockyards, chuckwagons and real cowboys. Here’s a carnivore's guide to Fort Worth, Texas.

2018 holiday gift guide for meat lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Carnivores

Tis the season! Hunting season! But perhaps more widely celebrated – the holiday season. That means that it’s time to start...

cooking a frozen steak

VIDEO – cooking a steak from frozen

We've frozen our meat to steaksicles and fired up the grill to answer the age old question - can you cook a steak from frozen?

make your own knife roll step by step

How to make your own knife roll

Keep your knives safe during travel with this simple denim and vinyl knife roll.

cooking with vegemite

Exploring Umami ingredients: Vegemite

Here's why you need to start using Vegemite in your stews, soups, sauces and marinades.

5 tips for bbq competition boxes

5 expert tips for your barbecue competition box

Along with taste and texture, appearance plays a part the final score in comp barbecue. Here's 5 tips to get your competition box looking great.

grilling with two zone method

How to set up a grill for two-zone cooking

When a recipe calls for "two zone" grilling, it's usually because at least one portion of the cooking process requires gentle, indirect heat.

different types of salt like kosher salt

What is Kosher salt and what makes it different?

Kosher salt is an ingredient in most barbecue and general cooking recipes. But what exactly is it, and why is it important to know the difference?

full blood wagyu flat iron

Wagyu beef – everything you need to know

Not all Wagyu is the stuff high dollar price tags are made of. Here's everything you need to know about Wagyu beef.


Ever had a stinky piece of pork? Blame boar taint.

For some of us, eating pork isn't always a delicious experience. Learn exactly what is responsible for that funky barnyard smell...


How to pick the right wood for barbecuing

Timber talk: know your cherry from your oak


All about the butts – pulled pork

Discover the best cut to use for pulled pork


Know your pit: a guide to barbecue smokers

Do you know your offset from your pellet grill?


Five ‘new’ cuts of beef you’ve known all along…

Deciphering the fancy cuts at your butcher shop.

peach butcher paper for bbq and smoking

Paper Vs Foil: why you should use peach butchers paper to wrap bbq.

Peach paper is the ultimate BBQ accessory right now and no, it's not made from peaches. But it might just up your smoking meats game.


Pork Ribs – get to know the basics

Do you know your Baby Backs from your St Louis?

texas barbecue brisket and the guide to austin bbq

The ultimate guide to Austin BBQ.

Everything you ever need to know about eating BBQ in Austin - the superstars, the hidden gems, and the old classics.

texas bbq briskets sitting in an offset pit

Smoke & Mirrors: what you need to know about barbecue restaurants

Because not all 'cue is created equal.

how to season cast iron pans and skillets

How To Season Cast Iron (Like A Boss)

Cast iron is one of the best cooking surfaces around - you just have to season it right to start with.