VIDEO – how to make homemade bacon

Making your own bacon is not as hard as you’d think, it just takes some preparation. Here’s a simple video recipe for how to make homemade bacon.

VIDEO – grilled venison backstrap

I’m a huge fan of leaving backstraps whole and not cutting them into smaller steaks – it makes them easier to cook to perfection, with a little help from Hardcore Carnivore Black seasoning.

grill lighting hack


Out of firelighters? Out of paper? No problem, just reach for the nearest bowl of corn chips! Testing out the corn chip grill hack – will it work?!

how to make beef bacon

VIDEO – How to make BEEF BACON!

As pork belly is to pig bacon, beef belly (also known as navel) is to beef bacon! Unique and SO delicious! Here’s how to make your own beef bacon.