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VIDEO- why do you rest meat after cooking?

Resting meat can be just as important as cooking it properly. Here's why:


VIDEO – how to make homemade bacon

Making your own bacon is not as hard as you'd think, it just takes some preparation. Here's a simple video recipe for how to make homemade bacon.


VIDEO – How to make pork belly burnt ends

Also known as Pork Belly Burnt Ends, Bacon Burnt Ends are the most delectable kind of meat candy and one of the MOST incredible BBQ dishes. Bacon...


VIDEO – is it safe to eat rare steak?

Why is it safe to eat rare steak, and can we do the same with other meats like chicken?


VIDEO – What exactly is a Prime Rib?

You’ve heard a lot of different things –  but I’m here to clarify what exactly is Prime Rib! Does it mean it’s prime...


VIDEO – is Fort Worth the best keep secret of Texas BBQ?

Fort Worth is experiencing a renaissance of incredible barbecue, and fast becoming one of the MUST VISIT destinations for Texas BBQ pilgrimages....


VIDEO – grilled venison backstrap

I'm a huge fan of leaving backstraps whole and not cutting them into smaller steaks - it makes them easier to cook to perfection, with a little...


VIDEO – charcoal grilled lamb ribs

Charred bark on the outside, tender rich meat within. Here's my video recipe for grilled lamb ribs.

grill lighting hack


Out of firelighters? Out of paper? No problem, just reach for the nearest bowl of corn chips! Testing out the corn chip grill hack - will it work?!

how to make beef bacon

VIDEO – How to make BEEF BACON!

As pork belly is to pig bacon, beef belly (also known as navel) is to beef bacon! Unique and SO delicious! Here's how to make your own beef bacon.

cooking a frozen steak

VIDEO – cooking a steak from frozen

We've frozen our meat to steaksicles and fired up the grill to answer the age old question - can you cook a steak from frozen?

video how to reverse sear

VIDEO – how to Reverse Sear a steak

It's the ultimate way to cook a steak and it works every single time. Here's how to do the Reverse Sear method:

how to chimney sear a steak

How to sear steaks with the chimney method

Get the ultimate sear to finish your steaks by cooking directly over a chimney full of coals.

how to trim pork ribs

How to trim Pork Ribs, competition style

Learn the tricks to trimming pork ribs into a neatly rectangular rack, perfect for competition barbecue


How to cut your own Flat Iron steaks at home!

Check out this simple hack for taking a cheap grocery store roast and turning it into two high quality and inexpensive Flat Iron steaks!


How to pick the right wood for barbecuing

Timber talk: know your cherry from your oak


All about the butts – pulled pork

Discover the best cut to use for pulled pork


Know your pit: a guide to barbecue smokers

Do you know your offset from your pellet grill?


Pork Ribs – get to know the basics

Do you know your Baby Backs from your St Louis?

jess pryles shows where a brisket sits on a steer carcass

Brisket 101 – what exactly is a brisket?

Join me and a hanging beef carcass to find out where exactly brisket comes from, and how it's cut.