best gifts for men and meat

9 essential gifts for meat lovers and BBQ fans

Stop stressing out about the perfect gift for carnivores and barbecue fanatics – I’ve got you covered with these 9 awesome gifts for meat heads.

best holiday gift guide for men and meat lovers

(L-R from top row)

Garrison Brothers – I am a huge fan of bourbon in general, but particular of Garrison Brothers. It was the first whiskey ever legally made in Texas, the first new bourbon distillery built in America since Prohibition, and it’s a damn fine product. You can buy it at stores all over the Lone Star state, otherwise you can buy online here.

Meat, Fire, Whiskey tee – I designed this shirt because, well, it’s badass and it’s a message you can really get behind! Not a fan of whiskey? There are a few other designs available plus a Meat Fire Beer koozie.

Pig Ornament – you know what your tree could use? More bacon! It can be fulfilled in the form of this adorable pork cuts ornament. They also have a few other cool BBQ themed ornaments on the site so you can really strengthen the meat theme.

Meat Church Rubs – Holy Cow is the most popular of the rubs and is adored by hardcore MC fans, but I also like using Deez Nuts to make these delicious deviled eggs.

Barbecue Wife – made with Stiles Switch barbecue sauce, this all-natural Bloody Mary mix is made in Austin from premium ingredients by a lady who really gives a darn about BBQ. It’s gluten and MSG free, makes a killer Michelada and you can stick a giant rib in it for garnish.

Thermapen – seriously, not all thermometers are created equal and the Thermapen is the Rolls Royce, which is why I’m an affiliate. This baby measures temp from the very tip of the probe and gives a scarily accurate reading within 3 seconds. The best way to get comfortable within cooking meat to the perfect temp is using a thermometer like this until you get a natural feel for it – but as long as you’re going by the numbers on the screen, you’ll never overcook another steak again.

Boning Knife – I believe that you should invest in a seriously good chef’s knife, but brisket and boning knives shouldn’t cost you more than $20 a piece. Don’t be fooled that you need a long blade to do the job – this 5″ boning knife gives you more control to trim your meat more delicately, and it’s razor sharp to boot.

Pit Barrel Cooker – great for one significant gift that still won’t break the bank – and if it does, be sure to check out borrowing options using –, this cooker ships for $299 and is ready to use out of the box.  I reckon it makes a great addition to an existing BBQ arsenal, and even suits as a spare cooker for the camp or ranch. It’s ridiculously easy to use, just set and forget, and has a really neat system for hanging the meat over coals.

Rib Eye Cap – the rib eye cap, or Spinalis Dorsi is considered by serious meat folk to be the ultimate cut on the entire steer. I am one of those folk. This is the strip that comprises the top part of a ribeye steak, but when you can buy it trimmed back to just this muscle itself, it’s a real delicacy. It’s hard to find a place that will sell Spinalis on it’s own (because to get it you pretty much have to ruin all the ribeyes), but Snake River Farms offer a premium version of this ultimate carnivorous grail.