VIDEO – is Fort Worth the best keep secret of Texas BBQ?

Fort Worth is experiencing a renaissance of incredible barbecue, and fast becoming one of the MUST VISIT destinations for Texas BBQ pilgrimages.

Fort Worth is one of my favorite cities. The first time I visited there I had a lightbulb moment of: “OHHHH! THIS is where the Texas you see in the movies still lives!”. Men still wear cowboy hats, they have the world’s largest honkytonk, and twice a day they drive an entire herd of longhorn cattle down historic streets – what’s not to love?! Over the years, I’ve come to understand just how significant a role Fort Worth played in the story of beef in Texas. Visiting the stockyards is like immersing in living history.

But for all the cowboy culture, Fort Worth is a bit of a hidden gem in their food scene, and for my money it’s the most exciting place in Texas right now for new school barbecue. I am so passionate about this city and the incredible BBQ that is being produced there, that I actually asked the folks at Visit Forth Worth if THEY would team up with ME to tell the story of just how “smokin hot” this place is. I know a lot of people fly into DFW when coming to Texas, and that HEAPS of hardcore carnivores come to the Lone Star State on BBQ pilgrimages. But, if you don’t make Fort Worth a stop on your journey, you’re truly missing out. Watch the video to find out why.