how to make beef bacon

VIDEO – How to make BEEF BACON!

As pork belly is to pig bacon, beef belly (also known as navel) is to beef bacon! Unique and SO delicious! Here’s how to make your own beef bacon.

It can be a little tricky to track down navel, but a good local butcher dealing in whole carcasses can help you out. You can also try finding an online retailer who will ship, or even get in touch with your local wholesaler who may be able to hook you up.

Remember how the McDonald’s fries of your childhood used to taste?! This beef bacon will remind you of that. All the best fries were cooked in beef fat, more commonly known as beef tallow, and it has the most phenomenal flavor.

Just be sure to slice your beef bacon thin, as there is a membrane in the middle which gets chewier the thicker you cut it. Finally – if you don’t want to cook your bacon in a skillet, try the oven method. Place a rack over a tray (to catch inevitable fat drips) and layer the bacon strips on the rack. Place into a 375f oven to cook until crispy and deeply golden.