Venison, bacon & poblano wraps

Venison, bacon & poblano wraps

Marinade venison backstrap and ham steaks and turn them into tasty bacon-wrapped appetizers.


These “deer wraps” were first introduced to me during a trip to Caddo Lake by my mate Pat. It’s true, when I first heard “deer wraps” I envisioned some fancy quasi-healthy ‘lean meat in wrap bread’ kinda deal. And I was way wrong, which was a good thing.

These make for a brilliant entertaining or tailgating recipe, because you can pre-wrap all of them and grill up a bunch at once. You can even substitute the venison for chicken or pork if you’re so inclined.

Honestly, these wraps are so simple they don’t even require the standard recipe format, because it’s pretty much four ingredients (and seasoning). Basically, you’ll need smallish strips of venison that have been marinaded overnight (Pat uses Allegro marinade but use whatever you’d like), onions and poblano peppers cut into similar sized slices, and some bacon rashers (I love applewood smoked for this recipe).

Get yourself comfortable at a prep table, grab some skewers and foil containers and get to wrappin’.

Take a slice of onion and pepper, wrap it in the venison, then wrap that in a strip of bacon and push it onto a skewer. You should be able to fit 5-6 of these delicious morsels on each skewer.

Once you have all your skewers ready, head to a heated grill/bbq and slap ‘em on there. Cook em on medium heat until the bacon crisps up, take them off the grill and push them off the skewers. Yup, that’s it – it’s just that damn easy!

Though it’s going to be nearly impossible to resist, I definitely recommend waiting a couple of minutes for them to cool so you don’t burn your mouth and ruin the rest of the eat-fest.

Honestly, this recipe is the perfect example of why sometimes it pays to keep it simple. Four ingredients with a big result.

Venison, bacon & poblano wrapsVenison, bacon & poblano wraps Venison, bacon & poblano wraps Venison, bacon & poblano wraps Venison, bacon & poblano wraps Venison, bacon & poblano wraps


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