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recipe for pile of sauced smoked chicken wings

Sweet n Tangy Smoked Chicken Wings

  • Author: Jess Pryles



For the brine:

1/3 cup kosher salt

2/3 cup brown sugar

1 gallon cold water

Main recipe:

4 lb chicken wing pieces

34 tablespoons Hardcore Carnivore Red seasoning

1 cup BBQ sauce of your choice


  1. 24 hours before you plan to cook, start by brining the wings. Combine the sugar and salt with about 2 cups of water. Place over low heat and stir regularly until dissolved. Pour cold water into a large container. Add the brine mix. If warm, you can add a few ice cubes. Add the chicken wings then place in a refrigerator overnight.
  2. Preheat a smoker or pellet grill to 275f.
  3. Remove the wings from the brine. Drain and then dry the wings VERY well using paper towel.
  4. Season the wings with Hardcore Carnivore Red seasoning, tossing to make sure they are well coated.
  5. Lay the wings in the smoker or pellet grill, and cook until the internal temperature reads 165f. Be sure not to touch the thermometer probe to the bone, or push too far through the meat, otherwise you will get an inaccurate reading.
  6. When at desired temperature, remove the wings from the smoker or pellet grill, pour the sauce over and toss to coat. Serve immediately.
  • Category: appetizer
  • Cuisine: BBQ

Keywords: wings, appetizer, bbq