Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew

Dinner service, brisket cupcakes and addictive corn casserole make Stiles Switch a BBQ staple.

So do I talk about the BBQ first, or the location? Stiles Switch fills an important role serving ‘cue to the folks in North Austin, but also happens to be situated at the old Emporium location, which is one of the most recognised scenes from Dazed and Confused. So you know, that’s pretty cool.

Owned by Shane Stiles, the joint is named for a small town that used to exist just outside of Taylor, Texas, which sat the the “switch’ of railway lines and was of course named for his family. You can still see signs to the old Stiles Cemetery out on Hwy 79…

And now to the BBQ! Stiles Switch is one of the few places in town who do both a lunch and dinner service, which means that Pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick is a man who is well acquainted with the night shift.

All the classic Texas meats are on offer, beef rib, brisket, pork ribs and turkey, plus the lesser seen pork loin. Throw in three types of sausage, chicken and their food-pornish Notorious R.I.B (thats a giant beef rib sitting atop a bed of tater tots, smothered in queso) and you’ve got quite the selection indeed.

Confession: I am completely and totally addicted to their Corn Casserole.

Stiles Switch

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