jess pryles signature smoker

The Jess Pryles Signature Edition Pit

I’ve proudly teamed up with the folks at Pitts & Spitts to create my signature model smoker.

pitts and spitts smoker

The JP signature is a refined take on the traditional P&S offset smoker, with functional and practical upgrades. It’s a piece of equipment I’m exceptionally proud of, and thrilled to have partnered with such a respected Texas pit maker to produce it!

I have cooked on a Pitts & Spitts offset smoker since I first moved to Texas. Last year, I contacted Ryan to ask him if it were possible to get something a little more customized. I told him I had a few ideas that would enhance the functionality of the pit, plus a few other details I thought would be ideal. He replied that we should not only make it, but spend some time refining the design and put it on the market as my own. And here we are!

Pitts & Spitts have been in business for over 40 years, so there wasn’t much tweaking to the actual unit required. In fact, the only major change I made to the functionality of the smoker was to double the size of the firebox. A larger firebox allows for greater control over the temperature of the unit, and in this case the grill box on top could now accomodate larger pieces of meat (think: prime rib!).

All the rest of the details were practical features I wanted for myself, that I think other cooks will appreciate, too. Small but seemingly obvious additions like a lockable storage box, to keep a thermometer, gloves, paper towel, etc. Most importantly, each unit is custom built from the highest quality materials, and made right here in Texas.

The smokers are available in both 36″ and 48″ chamber sizes. To see all the features and pricing, check out the Pitts & Spitts website.