Quick And Easy Salsa

Fresh, tasty and incredibly easy to make, this salsa recipe will quickly become a favorite.

For real though, when killer salsa is this easy to make, there’s nearly no excuse to buy the premade kind. Well, maybe if you’re in Texas or the Southwest and have access to some pretty amazeballs jars of salsa. But for the most part as a general rule, jarred salsa is NOT COOL, BRO.

So here’s how easy this recipe is: roughly chop ingredients (and I pretty much mean, cut in half and that’ll do), put on tray, roast, toss in blender, blitz. Ridiculous.


The “blackening” of the vegetables is optional, but does help to give a fire roasted flavor and appearance. It’s quick and easy to do in the broiler. You can use this fresh salsa on everything. Tacos, dipping with tortilla chips, as a fresh condiment with steak… it’s pretty versatile. Try putting some on scrambled eggs for breakfast, wrapping in a tortilla and voila – breakfast burrito!




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