“Philly Cheesefake” – the best steak sandwich, ever.

Here in Texas, we reckon we can do just about everything bigger, and better. Including improved on a much loved favorite, the Philly Cheesesteak. I call this one the “Philly Cheesefake”, because it’s pretty different in execution, but the bones are mostly the same. Either way, I guarantee you no one is going to complain when you serve these babies to ’em.

flat iron steaks oyster blade

Let’s talk about the Flat Iron steak, okay? In a steak-y world dominated by filets, rib eyes and strips, it’s easy to forget there are a bunch of other cuts on the steer that make for good eatin’. The Flat Iron comes from the shoulder/blade area, is a badass little gem of a steak with terrific marbling. Ready to have your mind blown? Many consider it the second most tender cut after a filet, and you can bet your butt it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much! Also known as the butlers or top blade steak, Aussie’s call this an Oyster Blade, but the Flat Iron has the gristly fascia that runs between the two muscles cut away, to reveal two lovely steaks of even thickness. They’re pretty much begging to be used in a sandwich, y’all.

Now, I’ve always loved the flavors in the Philly Cheesesteak, but reckoned I could do better. And a primo steak deserves an upgraded sandwich. I substituted the classic ingredients with better bread, nicer cheese, vegetables infinitely more exciting than a bell pepper and the results were freaking delicious. The pepper mix was a take on Rajas Poblanas, a usually creamy blend of poblano strips and carmelised onions, and a no brainer for inclusion on this mega-sammie. Finally, I decided to make it more about the meat than the bread by turning it into an open-faced sandwich.

Check out the easy to follow recipe after the pics:

philly-cheesesteak-flat-iron-21 philly-cheesesteak-flat-iron-104 philly-cheesesteak-flat-iron-141 philly-cheesesteak-flat-iron-150 copy philly-cheesesteak-flat-iron-158 flat iron steak sandwich

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