mini fried quail eggs

mini bacon & egg breakfast biscuits

These mini biscuits with bacon jam and a tiny fried egg make the perfect little brunch bites.


Somehow everything is cuter in a mini version. Puppies, humans, and even tiny Nashville hot chicken and waffles.

So why should shrunken breakfast biscuits be any different? Ok, they may be slightly more indulgent than a McMuffin since they use quail eggs to keep the scale small, but it’s a fun snack nonetheless.

mini bacon and egg biscuit

To make them, use this biscuit recipe (which also has 5 handy tips for making badass biscuits every time). I just halve the recipe, it’ll make around 12-15 mini biscuits depending on the size of cutter you use (mine is just over an inch in diameter).

Then, I make up a batch of this bacon jam. The recipe makes a little more than you need for the biscuits, but stores easily in the fridge, and you’ll thank yourself for saving some for later.

mini fried quail eggs

Finally, you pan fry some quail eggs sunny side up. I use a little olive oil in a skillet so the edges get nice and crispy, then set them on a paper towel to soak up any excess oil.

Then it’s as easy as assemble and eat! And then another… And maybe another…

mini breakfast biscuits with bacon jam and a fried egg


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