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Meet Outrider – matching hunters with land.

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Didn’t make the public draw and don’t know anyone with a ranch? Meet Outrider, the airbnb of hunting.

This post is sponsored by Outrider, but I’m a huge fan of their system and concept so was thrilled to work with them. Let me tell you more about what they do and how they work.

When I moved to Texas, there were a few things I had to get under my belt to truly earn my Texan card. I got my boots and I learned to two step. I cheer voraciously for my football teams (college and NFL of course!).  And, I hunted for the first time ever.

It was a pretty incredible experience, too. I had wanted to sort of ‘put my money where my mouth was’ in terms of being a meat advocate, and really experience the entire process. You can read all about my first time hunting experience here. Suffice to say, I quickly became a huge fan of the process of filling one’s own freezer.

hunting in central texas
Hunting on an Outrider property in Cherokee, Tx

As I became more interested in hunting, I also discovered my own comfort levels in terms of ethics and responsibility. For me personally, I prefer only to hunt low fence, where the animals are free to come and go. However, this can actually present quite a problem if you don’t have your own ranch (or friends who are generous enough to let you onto their property). The only other options are either public land draws, which are not easy to get. Or, signing up with a high fence outfitter like this to pay to take a trophy animal.

But if you just want to take an animal for meat, there weren’t any real options. Until now. Meet Outrider, the service that matches hunters with land. As they put it – landowners list, hunters book. It pretty much works like airbnb for hunting, where landowners list their properties and hunters can search through by animal, area etc to find affordable and accessible places to hunt. There’s options for lodging, guided hunts and also bow/rifle hunting, plus they do actually list both low and high fence properties, so if you’re looking for your trophy you can find it there, too.

field dressing deer
Cleaning the kill by the soft glow of headlights.

Let’s talk some truth for a minute. Hunting is not cheap. Taking a trophy buck will set you back thousands of dollars. But even taking a cull buck or meat doe has it’s price (albeit WAY cheaper!). I had a guy ask me how he can hunt without knowing a landowner. I referred him to Outrider, and he came back saying it was more expensive than he thought, can’t someone just let him onto their land? Well, consider this: even low fence landowners have to cover property costs, equipment like feeders, game cameras, corn, protein, the blind… the costs go on. You don’t just walk up to a deer blind and magically take an animal without someone having put in the effort to set that all up. So if you wanna hunt, you gotta pay.

Quartered venison wrapped and ready for the cooler.

Meat is the reason I hunt. Thanks to Outrider, I now have a full freezer. Soon to be a full belly.

To learn more, visit the Outrider website.


Jess Pryles is a full fledged Hardcore Carnivore. She's a live fire cook, author, and TV personality with a particular passion for beef and meat science. She's also a respected authority on Texas style barbecue. Born in Australia, she now resides in Austin, Texas.

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