The Hardcore Carnivore® seasoning line

Created by Jess Pryles and proudly made in Texas, this is the Hardcore Carnivore family of rubs and seasonings.

hardcore carnivore seasoning

Hardcore Carnivore Meatchelada:

Our collaboration with Lone Star Beer, a Texas beer salt rub that’s killer on skirt steak, fish tacos and dressing the rim of your beer bottle. This is going to be the best chili lime seasoning you’ve ever tried. Learn more.

Hardcore Carnivore Amplify:

Our “flavour boosting powder” made with all-natural ingredients like chicken fat powder. Use in conjunction with your favorite rub, or by itself for a massive savoury hit. Epic on fries and veggies, too. Learn more.

Hardcore Carnivore Black:

Our original and best-seller. Works magic on all red meats thanks to it’s intense color contrast. The simple yet premium spice blend enhances your meat without overpowering it. The key to winning SCA comps. Learn more.

Hardcore Carnivore Red:

Our go-to pork and chicken rub. The tiniest hint of heat, with bold flecks of Texas black pepper. Has won it’s fair share of rib competitions. Learn more.

Hardcore Carnivore Camo:

Designed for game & lamb (but we use it A LOT on beef and pork, too!). It’s more fragrant than the other seasonings, with a big flavor profile ready to stand up to game. Learn more.

All Hardcore Carnivore rubs are made in Texas, Gluten Free & MSG Free, and Keto friendly with a low GI of under 55.

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