hardcore carnivore red

Introducing… Hardcore Carnivore® RED!

You may be familiar with my first foray into the retail rub world, Hardcore Carnivore®: Black. It caused quite a buzz in the meat world, and has a steady army of loyal carnivores who use it religiously. (Just check out the rub’s Instagram page for droolworthy pics).

Now pork fans can join in on the Hardcore Carnivore obsession…

Meet Hardcore Carnivore®: Red. A product designed specifically to give your pork butts, ribs and roasts and incredible bright red finish.

hardcore carnivore red on pork ribs

hardcore carnivore red on pork ribs

hardcore carnivore red on pork butt

pork shoulder

hardcore carnivore red rub

So many fans of the original product, Black, loved the taste but found the black color didn’t suit some of their cooks (like pork ribs). You asked, I listened! HCR has the same understated yet delicious flavor profile as our Black product, but with a vivid all-natural red hue.

More savory than sweet, HCR will also be a great match for chicken and other white meats. Made in Texas using premium quality spices, HCR will fast become a staple in your BBQ and grilling arsenal.

And here’s the really crazy part… before it was even released to the public, HCR was already a award winning rub! I sent our prototypes to Corey at Fat Boys BBQ competition team, who used it as part of their cook to take out third place overall at The America Royal Open 2016.

Hardcore Carnivore Red is MSG Free and Gluten Free with NO artificial colors.

To purchase your bottle, shop online now.