hardcore carnivore black charcoal meat rub

Meet Hardcore Carnivore Black – your new favorite seasoning rub

Introducing the new meat rub, Hardcore Carnivore® Black. This jet black colored, charcoal based seasoning rub will totally transform your meats.

I’ve been pretty excited to share this one with y’all – a project that I’ve been working on for a long while – my brand new steak & meat seasoning rub! After months of testing, refining and of course tasting, I’m super proud of what we ended up with. This isn’t your standard pork rub or Dalmatian mix, trust me, you’ve never quite seen anything like this stuff…

hardcore carnivore charcoal rub

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Black.

HC is a gluten and MSG free rub, designed to complement steaks and meats of all kinds (though it is particularly magical with beef!). Black has all the standard spices and ingredients to take your steaks and meats to the next level, with the addition of one exotic ingredient… there’s charcoal in the rub!

hardcore carnivore meat rub with charcoal by Jess Pryles

Great flavor, AND awesome appearance.

The main feature that sets Black apart from other rubs is it’s affect on not just the taste, but the appearance of your food.

First: it provides a great foundation base for a crust to form, particularly when grilled. Just look at this steak, it looks like barbecue!:

tomahawk ribeye with charcoal seasoning

Second: since the product darkens the exterior of the meat prior to cooking, you won’t be tempted to overcook it just to achieve an appealing outer color – it’s already half way there before you even start cooking.

tomahawk on open flame

Thirdly: the vivid black color creates an amazing contrast against interior of the meat, making it incredibly visually appealing.

cross section of a sous vide steak with charcoal rub

I guess you could consider it cosmetics for meat! And since we eat first with our eyes, (hello, isn’t that the whole reason Instagram exists?) anything that bumps up optical food porn factor is a very powerful tool indeed.

Yes, the charcoal is safe.

Don’t go trying to make this at home, this is definitely not the same thing as the stuff you put in your grill! Hardcore Carnivore: Black contains food-grade activated charcoal made from coconut husks.

Activated charcoal is considered to be inert, meaning it will pass through your system without being digested or entering the blood stream.

tomahawk on the grill

Uses & Tips

Hardcore Carnivore: Black contains all the classics like salt, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, onion and a hint of chili. It’s a flavor profile that’s neutral enough to work with a variety of different proteins. It can be used for pan and oven searing but best results are found when cooked over charcoal or open flame. And, of course, it’s proudly made in Texas.