5 Great Appetizer Recipes For Game Day.

No matter who you may be rooting for in the big game, you’ll be a winner on game day with any of these tasty snack & appetizer recipes. I know that first hand because I’ve made and eaten all of them!

ultimate jalapeno popper

Triple Pork Jalapeno Poppers with Pork Rind Crust

What you see above you is a jalapeño popper that had graduated to the next level and just received it’s MBA in being awesome. Because while previous poppers has one measly strip of bacon, this one has harnessed the epic power of THREE different types of porky products. Packed with both pulled pork AND bacon, it’s then rolled in crushed pork rinds! Check out the recipe.

mini chicken & waffles

Mini Hot Chicken & Waffles Bites

Anything mini is of course adorable and somehow extra delicious, and these chicken & waffle bites are no exception. Little spicy nuggets of Nashville-style hot chicken sitting atop a teeny waffle, topped off with a sweet’n’spicy candied jalapeno. Yes. Good lord, yes. Check out the recipe.

recipe for easy queso

Best Ever Queso Dip

Because really, anyone who’s not into this warm, gooey cheese dip doesn’t deserve to even be watching the game with you. Loaded with chunks of spicy sausage, it’s also super low maintenance- just throw it all in a crock pot and leave it to take care of itself. Check out the recipe.

deviled egg recipe

Deviled Eggs with BBQ Rub & Praline Bacon

Deviled eggs are a classic Southern side, and the South is wild about football, so it’s kind of a perfect match. They’re easy to make in advance and store in the fridge, and you can make them in a bunch of different flavor combos. These ones use a smokey barbecue rub to give them a kick, and are topped with a pecan-crusted chip of praline bacon. YASSSSS! Check out the recipe.

chicken fried cheese sticks

Chicken Fried Cheese Sticks

You can never have enough cheese or fried food as part of game day appetizer options. So why not have both!? These go great with a side of ranch or marinara sauce, just be sure to let them cool off a little before your first bite. Check out the recipe.

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