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beef, jalapeno and cheddar sausage rolls

Top 9 meaty recipes from 2020

We stayed in and did a LOT of cooking. These were your favorite recipes.


VIDEO- why do you rest meat after cooking?

Resting meat can be just as important as cooking it properly. Here's why:


VIDEO – how to make homemade bacon

Making your own bacon is not as hard as you'd think, it just takes some preparation. Here's a simple video recipe for how to make homemade bacon.

cook along with jess pryles live

Cook along with Jess live!

We're all at home. We all love to cook. So during this crazy unprecedented time, let's cook together! 


VIDEO – How to make pork belly burnt ends

Also known as Pork Belly Burnt Ends, Bacon Burnt Ends are the most delectable kind of meat candy and one of the MOST incredible BBQ dishes. Bacon...


VIDEO – is it safe to eat rare steak?

Why is it safe to eat rare steak, and can we do the same with other meats like chicken?

9 super bowl appetizer recipes

9 delicious Super Bowl appetizer & snack recipes

With Super Bowl just around the corner it's time to focus on what REALLY matters- your Super Bowl appetizers & snacks.


VIDEO – What exactly is a Prime Rib?

You’ve heard a lot of different things –  but I’m here to clarify what exactly is Prime Rib! Does it mean it’s prime...


VIDEO – is Fort Worth the best keep secret of Texas BBQ?

Fort Worth is experiencing a renaissance of incredible barbecue, and fast becoming one of the MUST VISIT destinations for Texas BBQ pilgrimages....


VIDEO – grilled venison backstrap

I'm a huge fan of leaving backstraps whole and not cutting them into smaller steaks - it makes them easier to cook to perfection, with a little...


VIDEO – charcoal grilled lamb ribs

Charred bark on the outside, tender rich meat within. Here's my video recipe for grilled lamb ribs.

2020 gift guide for carnivores

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for BBQ & Meat Lovers

This year, give the gift they actually want. Perfect gifts for the fire-loving carnivore and BBQ fan - here are my picks for the giving season.

jess pryles austin class

February 2020 Beef Workshop & Class – Austin, TX

Join Jess Pryles on February 22nd, 2020 at the Texas Beef Council for an all-beef recipe cooking class and workshop!

Jess Pryles Beef Class

November 2019 Beef Class – Austin, TX

Join Jess Pryles at the Texas Beef Council in Austin this November for a day of beefy recipes, techniques, know how and EATING!

jess pryles austin class

2019 Beef Class – Austin TX

Join Jess Pryles on April 6th at the Texas Beef Council for an all-beef recipe cooking class! Topics covered include: “beef basics”,...

2018 gift guide for meat lovers

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Meat Lovers

Can't think of a great holiday gift for the Carnivore in your life? I have you covered with these nine suggestions that will be sure to please.

the importance of a sharp knife

The importance of a sharp knife (and how to sharpen it!)

Having a sharp knife makes ALL the difference in the kitchen. Learn why you need to keep your knife sharp, and how to do it. 

meatlovers guide to fort worth

The Meat Lovers Guide to: Fort Worth

It's the city where the west begins, home to the stockyards, chuckwagons and real cowboys. Here’s a carnivore's guide to Fort Worth, Texas.

how to dry age steak

How to dry age steak at home – a complete guide

Learn the optimal dry aging set up, humidity and temperature, and how to trim and cook it. Here's everything you need to know about dry aging beef.

grill lighting hack


Out of firelighters? Out of paper? No problem, just reach for the nearest bowl of corn chips! Testing out the corn chip grill hack - will it work?!

2018 holiday gift guide for meat lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Carnivores

Tis the season! Hunting season! But perhaps more widely celebrated – the holiday season. That means that it’s time to start...

bbq smoker hot spot test

How to find BBQ smoker hot spots

Don't ruin expensive meat trying to figure out your pit hot spots. For under $5 and in 20 minutes, find ALL the hot spots in your BBQ smoker.

how to make beef bacon

VIDEO – How to make BEEF BACON!

As pork belly is to pig bacon, beef belly (also known as navel) is to beef bacon! Unique and SO delicious! Here's how to make your own beef bacon.

jess pryles signature smoker

The Jess Pryles Signature Edition Pit

The JP signature is a refined take on the traditional P&S offset smoker, with functional and practical upgrades. Learn more.

cooking a frozen steak

VIDEO – cooking a steak from frozen

We've frozen our meat to steaksicles and fired up the grill to answer the age old question - can you cook a steak from frozen?

video how to reverse sear

VIDEO – how to Reverse Sear a steak

It's the ultimate way to cook a steak and it works every single time. Here's how to do the Reverse Sear method:

porcini powder

Exploring Umami ingredients: Porcini Powder

If you're a carnivore then you're a fan of umami. Get to know the ingredients that help boost the 'meatiness' factor, like Porcini Powder.

make your own knife roll step by step

How to make your own knife roll

Keep your knives safe during travel with this simple denim and vinyl knife roll.

what is shio koji

Exploring Umami ingredients: Shio Koji

If you're a carnivore then you're a fan of umami. Get to know the ingredients that help boost the 'meatiness' factor, like Shio Koji.

how to chimney sear a steak

How to sear steaks with the chimney method

Get the ultimate sear to finish your steaks by cooking directly over a chimney full of coals.

cooking with vegemite

Exploring Umami ingredients: Vegemite

Here's why you need to start using Vegemite in your stews, soups, sauces and marinades.

hardcore carnivore red

Introducing… Hardcore Carnivore® RED!

Introducing the newest addition to the Hardcore Carnivore meat seasonings line - HC Red! Designed for white meats and particularly pork butts & ribs.

gift guide for meat lovers

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for unique gift ideas for grill lovers and meat fans? I have you covered with these 9 great options.


2017 Beef Workshop

Introducing my first ever class/workshop! And it couldn’t be on a better topic – beef! Join me at the Texas Beef Council on February...

5 tips for bbq competition boxes

5 expert tips for your barbecue competition box

Along with taste and texture, appearance plays a part the final score in comp barbecue. Here's 5 tips to get your competition box looking great.

nora's tacos in sabinal texas

The Meat Lovers Guide to: Uvalde County, Texas

Home to the Frio, Nueces and Sabinal rivers, Uvalde County is an outdoor-lovers paradise. Here's where you should eat while in Uvalde, carnivore style.


DIY cookbooks – a perfect holiday gift

Blurb lets you create your dream book, whether for sale or giving as a gift.

how to trim pork ribs

How to trim Pork Ribs, competition style

Learn the tricks to trimming pork ribs into a neatly rectangular rack, perfect for competition barbecue


How to cut your own Flat Iron steaks at home!

Check out this simple hack for taking a cheap grocery store roast and turning it into two high quality and inexpensive Flat Iron steaks!

grilling with two zone method

How to set up a grill for two-zone cooking

When a recipe calls for "two zone" grilling, it's usually because at least one portion of the cooking process requires gentle, indirect heat.

brunch spread at city pork in baton rouge

The Meat Lovers Guide to: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Just upriver from New Orleans on the banks of the Mississippi sits Louisiana's capitol city, come explore all the meaty delights of Baton Rouge.

hardcore carnivore black charcoal meat rub

Meet Hardcore Carnivore Black – your new favorite seasoning rub

Introducing the new meat rub, Hardcore Carnivore™: Black. This jet black colored, charcoal based seasoning rub will totally transform your...

different types of salt like kosher salt

What is Kosher salt and what makes it different?

Kosher salt is an ingredient in most barbecue and general cooking recipes. But what exactly is it, and why is it important to know the difference?

steak & bourbon, a complete meal at Freedmens bar in Austin

Meat tshirts – brand new designs available!

Brand new t-shirts for Hardcore Carnivores

full blood wagyu flat iron

Wagyu beef – everything you need to know

Not all Wagyu is the stuff high dollar price tags are made of. Here's everything you need to know about Wagyu beef.

best books on barbecue, grilling and meat

Great books on barbecue, grilling & meat – listed!

My complete list of books about barbecue, grilling, meat and general cookery, split into easy to follow sections.

roast beef sandwich at salt & time

15 Austin Eateries Perfect For Meat Lovers.

Looking to satisfy your carnivorous cravings? This list of Austin restaurants has you covered.

gerber knife for hunt

Game Plan: a first timers hunting experience.

It's the ultimate test for any carnivore - do you have the guts to actually kill your own meat? Here's the story of my first hunting encounter.


Ever had a stinky piece of pork? Blame boar taint.

For some of us, eating pork isn't always a delicious experience. Learn exactly what is responsible for that funky barnyard smell...

girl in cowboys boots and gown

The most popular 9 posts of 2015

A round up of all y'alls favorite recipes, posts and articles of 2015!

best gifts for men and meat

9 essential gifts for meat lovers and BBQ fans

Stop stressing out about the perfect gift for carnivores and barbecue fanatics - I've got you covered with these awesome gifts for meat heads.

lance kirkpatrick of stiles switch bbq

A day in the life of a Texas Pitmaster

Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch shows me just how hard it is to be a pit boss for a living, and reveals a few secrets along the way.

meat, fire, whiskey, repeat. Best mens christmas present shirt

Meat themed t shirts for all!

Celebrate your carnivorous tendencies and show the world you're a proud meat eater with these tees!

snows brisket, lexington

Best of the TMBBQ Fest 2015

A look at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival from Austin


How to pick the right wood for barbecuing

Timber talk: know your cherry from your oak


All about the butts – pulled pork

Discover the best cut to use for pulled pork


Rare Steaks: the Petite Tender

This is the Rare Steaks series, exploring the lesser known beef cuts - because there’s more to a steer than a rib eye and a tenderloin.


Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que – Llano, Texas

You haven't lived until you've tried mesquite-smoked prime rib.


What is dry aging? Truths, myths & facts.

From wet to dry, here's everything you need to know about aging beef.


Know your pit: a guide to barbecue smokers

Do you know your offset from your pellet grill?


Five ‘new’ cuts of beef you’ve known all along…

Deciphering the fancy cuts at your butcher shop.


Carnivores Ball – Austin 2015

An epic BBQ event for the discerning meat enthusiast.


The Meat Lovers Guide To: Abilene, Texas.

Join me for a meat-themed road trip to Abilene and the legendary Perini Ranch


Joseph’s Riverport Bar-B-Cue: Jefferson, Texas

In the piney woods of East Texas, great barbecue awaits.

spider oyster steak from the hip raw

Rare Steaks: the Spider/Oyster

because there's more to a steer than a rib eye and a tenderloin...

peach butcher paper for bbq and smoking

Paper Vs Foil: why you should use peach butchers paper to wrap bbq.

Peach paper is the ultimate BBQ accessory right now and no, it's not made from peaches. But it might just up your smoking meats game.


Meat nerdery: attending BBQ Summer Camp

Turns out the best summer camp is actually for adults.


Pork Ribs – get to know the basics

Do you know your Baby Backs from your St Louis?


On the boudin trail in Louisiana

Welcome to Scott, the town dedicated to boudin and fried pork morsels known as cracklins...


Freedmen’s BBQ in Austin, Texas.

Let's be real, this is some of the best barbecue you'll ever have.


Five Guys Burgers & Fries

If it's good enough for the President, it's good enough for me.


Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew

Dinner service, brisket cupcakes and addictive corn casserole.


Gourmands dive bar and sandwich emporium

Shiner beer cheese and broccoli soup in a bread bowl. Need I say more?

Micklethwait craft meats BBQ in Austin, Texas

Micklethwait Craft Meats

They call it craft meats, we can just call it barbecue.


There are two basic types of burgers. Do you know them?

Short stack or high tower? Identify your preference!


Kerlin BBQ – big taste, shorter lines

Sometimes it's the quiet guys you gotta watch our for...


Burger Tex – where you build your own

Quite literally, build your own. They hand over the bun and patty, you do all the rest.

opies bbq in spicewood, texas

True Hill Country BBQ at Opie’s in Spicewood, Texas

Sometimes it pays to get out of the city - especially when you get to eat barbecue at Opie's.

texas barbecue brisket and the guide to austin bbq

The ultimate guide to Austin BBQ.

Everything you ever need to know about eating BBQ in Austin - the superstars, the hidden gems, and the old classics.

texas bbq briskets sitting in an offset pit

Smoke & Mirrors: what you need to know about barbecue restaurants

Because not all 'cue is created equal.

jess pryles shows where a brisket sits on a steer carcass

Brisket 101 – what exactly is a brisket?

Join me and a hanging beef carcass to find out where exactly brisket comes from, and how it's cut.


Top Notch – An Austin Landmark

As featured in Dazed & Confused, this iconic local burger joint is a perfectly preserved time warp.

lucy's fried chicken in Austin Texas

Lucy’s Fried Chicken

Wood-fired grilled oysters and damn good chicken.

smokers at la barbecue in Austin Texas

La Barbecue – Cuisine Texicana

There's no one item at La Barbecue you must order, because you have to try it all.

Olivia restaurant in South Austin

Brunch in Austin: Olivia

Picnic style fried chicken? A meal that surely even Willie and Waylon would approve.

La Petite Grocery in New Orleans

Chef Justin Devillier’s La Petite Grocery

Linen tablecloths and burgers go hand in hand at this elegant casual eatery in New Orleans.

Burro cheese kitchen, grilled cheese in Austin TX

Burro Cheese Kitchen

Got a craving for grilled cheese? Burro will take your sandwich to the next level.


Elizabeth’s – the home of praline bacon

One of the most popular (and filling!) breakfast spots in New Orleans.


A Barbecue Restaurant Where You Order The Fried Chicken

The one where I tell you to steer clear of the barbecue, but go for the fried yardbird instead.


A Texas Grocery Store Through A Foreigner’s Eyes

To you it's a grocery store. To me, it's a whole new world of edible wonder.


Dirty Martin’s Kumbak Place

It takes a lot of guts to use the word "dirty" in the name of a burger joint...


Walmart through the eyes of a foreigner.

From squeezable cheese to roadside memorials, let me take you on a tour through Walmart.


Live Fire, 2014

Franklin BBQ short ribs, tallow cooked potatoes and even escargot.

porfirios breakfast tacos in austin

Porfirio’s Breakfast Tacos & Lunch Plates

Austin is a city obsessed with breakfast tacos, and at Porfirio's Tacos you understand why.


El Sapo – Onion Rings, Burgers and Botanas

From classic burgers and curly fries to lamb burgers and queso fries, El Sapo is a burger haven on the Eastside.


Fond artery-hardening memories of the State Fair of Texas

Where the motto should be "if you can eat it, we can fry it".

The joint BBQ in Bywater, New Orleans on BurgerMary

The Joint, New Orleans – the place for big easy bbq.

Turns out there's great barbecue in Louisiana.


Meat University – it’s a real thing!

Sitting in on the Texas BBQ 101 class at Texas A&M University

salt & time butcher shop in Austin Texas

Reviving the traditional butcher shop at Salt & Time

Reviving the art of of butchery, sourcing local and exploring a variety of cuts, welcome to Salt & Time.

The Company Burger in New Orleans

Is this New Orlean’s best burger? The Company Burger

Burger's aren't usually on the list of "must eat" dishes when in New Orleans, but Company Burger changes that.

Valentina's Tex Mex barbecue, Austin

Is Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ the ultimate in fusion cuisine?

You'll never have to make the cruel choice between having tacos or barbecue for dinner, because now you can have both.


Gus’s Fried Chicken – A “Must Put In Face” Experience

Bringing their poultry prowess from Memphis to Austin, cheap and cheerful chicken can be found at Gus's.

how to season cast iron pans and skillets

How To Season Cast Iron (Like A Boss)

Cast iron is one of the best cooking surfaces around - you just have to season it right to start with.


Crabby Jack’s has strong po boy game

Head off the beaten tourist path to find some of the best po boys in New Orleans


Carnivores Ball – 2014 – The Pics!

All the festivities from the second annual ball in Melbourne


Caddo Lake – A Magical Place in East Texas

I think I have a new favourite place to escape. It’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever had the fortune to visit, and it’s...


Louie Mueller Barbecue, the Cathedral of Smoke

Push open the creaky wire door and step inside the grand cathedral of Texas BBQ.


Why Hays Co. BBQ Is Completely Worth The Drive

There's not much that is worth battling traffic on I-35 for, but this BBQ just might be it.

jess pryles burgermary kansas city barbecue

The Kansas City BBQ Tour

Delving reluctantly into the BBQ world outside Texas, I liked what I found in Kansas City


First Timer’s New Orleans – the complete guide

Headed to New Orleans for the first time? Here's everything you'll need to know for a perfect visit.


The Slaughterhouse Tour

Eating meat is one thing, understanding how it is processed is an important part of being a Hardcore Carnivore.


The most influential person at a barbecue restaurant.

And it’s not the butcher, or the owner, or even the pitmaster himself...


The reliable comfort of Whataburger

Whataburger is everything you want fast food to be - cheap, fast, comforting, consistent and actually tasty.