create a steak platter as an appetizer

How to create the ultimate steak platter

Create some serious table side drama with the ultimate steak platter. A steak platter is the perfect way to serve and present shareable steaks with style.


We like our food to look pretty. There is an expression that goes ‘we eat with our eyes first’. While looks will not ever trump taste, the appearance of food has a big role to play when it comes to appeal. Sad to say that unphotogenic recipes are just never going to get as much love as bright and attractive ones. But even taking care with plating and arranging can make a big impact.

Consider the difference between throwing down a bunch of brisket on a plate, versus skilfully presenting it in graduated ribbons atop  a bed of pink butchers paper. One is going to look considerably better than the other. The same rule applies to serving food in your own home. With a few little clever tricks you can really up the wow factor.

The other nice part about creating a steak platter is that you can stretch you steak to feed more people. Pre-cut slices tend to go a little farther, and can also double as an extra carnivorous appetizer. NY strip steaks tend to be the best for presentation purposes, with no large fat seams running through the meat.  The real trick is to nail the cook to make the steak perfectly pink, and for that I suggest using the reverse sear method. It also won’t hurt to boost the contrast by using a jet black charcoal-based rub like Hardcore Carnivore Black.

Once your steak is perfectly cooked, all that remains is to pair it with a few thoughtful ingredients so each bite can be different. The platter below was created with a wedge of gorgonzola, seed mustard spiced honey (literally honey with Ancho chile powder added) and some cheddar frico crisps. I also put extra salt and pepper out to allow diners to custom season each bite.

how to create a steak platter

Other ingredients you could pair with steak to create a platter:

  • soft cheeses like camembert or brie
  • bacon jam
  • avocado slices
  • blackberry or fig preserve
  • horseradish cream
  • small crackers
  • mini biscuits
  • cured egg yolk
  • sriracha

For the arrangement – use a large wooden board or easily cleanable surface. Slice the steaks thin and arrange in 3-4 different piles, spreading the slices out slightly. For main ingredients like cheese or avocado, create at least 2-3 groupings around the board. It not only looks better that way, but it lets folks get a taste of everything without reaching over. Use small bowls and spoons to house any liquid ingredients, and lay extra small knives around the board so people can cut cheeses etc.

As a final pro tip – try to get all your condiments and ingredients laid out prior to the steak. That way as soon as you steak is ready to go you can serve while it’s still hot!

how to reverse sear steak

how to arrange steak


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