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cook along with jess pryles live

Cook along with Jess live!

We're all at home. We all love to cook. So during this crazy unprecedented time, let's cook together! 


VIDEO – How to make pork belly burnt ends

Also known as Pork Belly Burnt Ends, Bacon Burnt Ends are the most delectable kind of meat candy and one of the MOST incredible BBQ dishes. Bacon...


VIDEO – What exactly is a Prime Rib?

You’ve heard a lot of different things –  but I’m here to clarify what exactly is Prime Rib! Does it mean it’s prime...

jess pryles austin class

February 2020 Beef Workshop & Class – Austin, TX

Join Jess Pryles on February 22nd, 2020 at the Texas Beef Council for an all-beef recipe cooking class and workshop!

jess pryles austin class

2019 Beef Class – Austin TX

Join Jess Pryles on April 6th at the Texas Beef Council for an all-beef recipe cooking class! Topics covered include: “beef basics”,...

how to dry age steak

How to dry age steak at home – a complete guide

Learn the optimal dry aging set up, humidity and temperature, and how to trim and cook it. Here's everything you need to know about dry aging beef.

bbq smoker hot spot test

How to find BBQ smoker hot spots

Don't ruin expensive meat trying to figure out your pit hot spots. For under $5 and in 20 minutes, find ALL the hot spots in your BBQ smoker.

jess pryles signature smoker

The Jess Pryles Signature Edition Pit

The JP signature is a refined take on the traditional P&S offset smoker, with functional and practical upgrades. Learn more.

video how to reverse sear

VIDEO – how to Reverse Sear a steak

It's the ultimate way to cook a steak and it works every single time. Here's how to do the Reverse Sear method:

how to chimney sear a steak

How to sear steaks with the chimney method

Get the ultimate sear to finish your steaks by cooking directly over a chimney full of coals.

how to trim pork ribs

How to trim Pork Ribs, competition style

Learn the tricks to trimming pork ribs into a neatly rectangular rack, perfect for competition barbecue

hardcore carnivore black charcoal meat rub

Meet Hardcore Carnivore Black – your new favorite seasoning rub

Introducing the new meat rub, Hardcore Carnivore™: Black. This jet black colored, charcoal based seasoning rub will totally transform your...

gerber knife for hunt

Game Plan: a first timers hunting experience.

It's the ultimate test for any carnivore - do you have the guts to actually kill your own meat? Here's the story of my first hunting encounter.

lance kirkpatrick of stiles switch bbq

A day in the life of a Texas Pitmaster

Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch shows me just how hard it is to be a pit boss for a living, and reveals a few secrets along the way.


What is dry aging? Truths, myths & facts.

From wet to dry, here's everything you need to know about aging beef.


On the boudin trail in Louisiana

Welcome to Scott, the town dedicated to boudin and fried pork morsels known as cracklins...


Five Guys Burgers & Fries

If it's good enough for the President, it's good enough for me.


Gourmands dive bar and sandwich emporium

Shiner beer cheese and broccoli soup in a bread bowl. Need I say more?