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VIDEO – is Fort Worth the best keep secret of Texas BBQ?

Fort Worth is experiencing a renaissance of incredible barbecue, and fast becoming one of the MUST VISIT destinations for Texas BBQ pilgrimages....

hardcore carnivore red

Introducing… Hardcore Carnivore® RED!

Introducing the newest addition to the Hardcore Carnivore meat seasonings line - HC Red! Designed for white meats and particularly pork butts & ribs.

5 tips for bbq competition boxes

5 expert tips for your barbecue competition box

Along with taste and texture, appearance plays a part the final score in comp barbecue. Here's 5 tips to get your competition box looking great.

different types of salt like kosher salt

What is Kosher salt and what makes it different?

Kosher salt is an ingredient in most barbecue and general cooking recipes. But what exactly is it, and why is it important to know the difference?

steak & bourbon, a complete meal at Freedmens bar in Austin

Meat tshirts – brand new designs available!

Brand new t-shirts for Hardcore Carnivores

best books on barbecue, grilling and meat

Great books on barbecue, grilling & meat – listed!

My complete list of books about barbecue, grilling, meat and general cookery, split into easy to follow sections.

best gifts for men and meat

9 essential gifts for meat lovers and BBQ fans

Stop stressing out about the perfect gift for carnivores and barbecue fanatics - I've got you covered with these awesome gifts for meat heads.

snows brisket, lexington

Best of the TMBBQ Fest 2015

A look at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival from Austin


How to pick the right wood for barbecuing

Timber talk: know your cherry from your oak


All about the butts – pulled pork

Discover the best cut to use for pulled pork


Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que – Llano, Texas

You haven't lived until you've tried mesquite-smoked prime rib.


Know your pit: a guide to barbecue smokers

Do you know your offset from your pellet grill?


Joseph’s Riverport Bar-B-Cue: Jefferson, Texas

In the piney woods of East Texas, great barbecue awaits.

peach butcher paper for bbq and smoking

Paper Vs Foil: why you should use peach butchers paper to wrap bbq.

Peach paper is the ultimate BBQ accessory right now and no, it's not made from peaches. But it might just up your smoking meats game.


Meat nerdery: attending BBQ Summer Camp

Turns out the best summer camp is actually for adults.


Pork Ribs – get to know the basics

Do you know your Baby Backs from your St Louis?


Freedmen’s BBQ in Austin, Texas.

Let's be real, this is some of the best barbecue you'll ever have.


Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew

Dinner service, brisket cupcakes and addictive corn casserole.

Micklethwait craft meats BBQ in Austin, Texas

Micklethwait Craft Meats

They call it craft meats, we can just call it barbecue.


Kerlin BBQ – big taste, shorter lines

Sometimes it's the quiet guys you gotta watch our for...

opies bbq in spicewood, texas

True Hill Country BBQ at Opie’s in Spicewood, Texas

Sometimes it pays to get out of the city - especially when you get to eat barbecue at Opie's.

texas barbecue brisket and the guide to austin bbq

The ultimate guide to Austin BBQ.

Everything you ever need to know about eating BBQ in Austin - the superstars, the hidden gems, and the old classics.

texas bbq briskets sitting in an offset pit

Smoke & Mirrors: what you need to know about barbecue restaurants

Because not all 'cue is created equal.

smokers at la barbecue in Austin Texas

La Barbecue – Cuisine Texicana

There's no one item at La Barbecue you must order, because you have to try it all.

The joint BBQ in Bywater, New Orleans on BurgerMary

The Joint, New Orleans – the place for big easy bbq.

Turns out there's great barbecue in Louisiana.


Meat University – it’s a real thing!

Sitting in on the Texas BBQ 101 class at Texas A&M University

Valentina's Tex Mex barbecue, Austin

Is Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ the ultimate in fusion cuisine?

You'll never have to make the cruel choice between having tacos or barbecue for dinner, because now you can have both.


Louie Mueller Barbecue, the Cathedral of Smoke

Push open the creaky wire door and step inside the grand cathedral of Texas BBQ.


Why Hays Co. BBQ Is Completely Worth The Drive

There's not much that is worth battling traffic on I-35 for, but this BBQ just might be it.

jess pryles burgermary kansas city barbecue

The Kansas City BBQ Tour

Delving reluctantly into the BBQ world outside Texas, I liked what I found in Kansas City


The most influential person at a barbecue restaurant.

And it’s not the butcher, or the owner, or even the pitmaster himself...