adios, “BurgerMary”


Were you looking for BurgerMary? Well, you’ve come to the right place, I just go by my real name these days.

Many folks were under the impression that my name is Mary, and that’s part of the reason it was time to retire my meaty-nom de plume.

See, I started BurgerMary many years ago, when the initial focus of my writing was, wait for it, burgers and Bloody Marys, and so much has changed since then!

I write about so much more than that now. BBQ, red meat, living in Texas, comfort food, road trips… and you’re more likely to find me drinking bourbon than a bloody these days. Plus as I find myself travelling all around the world on meat-related work, people get to know me as Jess, not Mary (which is just as well, because ironically I never did care much for that name!).

So though she has served me very well, it was time to put BurgerMary to rest.

Glad y’all are here, I look forward to sharing my stories.

Jess Pryles