9 super bowl appetizer recipes

9 delicious Super Bowl appetizer & snack recipes

With the big game just around the corner it’s time to focus on what REALLY matters- your Super Bowl appetizer recipes & snack options. From wings to bourbon bacon bites, these 9 recipes that are sure to be big winners on the day.

Check them out:

crispy fried ribeye pieces

1. Crispy fried Ribeye Pieces

Simultaneously tender and crispy, these sumptuous hunks of ribeye steak are fried in lard or beef tallow until they turn a deep golden color of “EAT ME!”. They are incredibly rich, very indulgent, but one of the most delicious things you’ll ever eat. Get the recipe.


bourbon brown sugar bacon bites

2. Grilled Bourbon Brown Sugar Bacon Bites

Packed with smokey sweet flavor and caramelized over charcoal, these Brown Sugar Bourbon pork skewers grill up in under 10 minutes. Get the recipe.


deviled eggs with praline candied bacon

3. Deviled Eggs with Candied Praline Bacon

Devilishly good thanks to the addition of barbecue seasoning in the yolk mix, and perfectly crowned with a crispy piece of sweet pig candy. Get the recipe.


chili lime grilled meatchelada wings

4. Chile Lime Grilled Chicken Wings

SO easy to make thanks to an incredible chili lime seasoning, Meatchelada. Better double the batch – these will go quickly.  Get the recipe.


pigwheels with salami and cheese

5. ‘Pigwheels’ with Cheese, Salami and Proscuitto

With just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time, these Pigwheels with prosciutto & salami make for a great appetizer snack. Plus you can make them in advance. Get the recipe.


grilled stuffed mushroom appetizer

6. Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms – with jalapeno popper filling

Grill up a double batch of these tasty and tailgate friendly appetizers, stuffed with all the cheese and bacon you can handle. Prep in advance and grill as needed. Get the recipe.


pimento stuffed jalapeno peppers

7. Grilled Jalapenos Stuffed with Pimento Cheese

Creamy on the inside, bubbly brown on top – these pimento cheese stuffed grilled jalapeno peppers (poppers!?) come together with only FOUR ingredients! Get the recipe.


sausage rolls with pork & sage

8. Pork Sausage & Sage rolls

Flaky pastry encases a beer-kissed filling of pork & sage, what’s not to like about this recipe for sausage rolls? Get the recipe.


smoked jalapeno dip

9. Creamy Smoked Jalapeno Dip

What would a Super Bowl appetizer roundup be without a dip?! This luscious and creamy dip is punctuated by slow-smoked jalapeno for just the right amount of heat. Get the recipe.