smoked soft boiled scotch eggs

5 creatives recipes for using ground venison

Sure, we all know about venison chili, venison breakfast sausage and venison burgers. But there are SO many more interesting recipes you can create using ground venison!

Aside from a few key roasts and whole muscle cuts, most hunters I know (myself included) process their Elk, venison and Axis into ground meat. With all that ground meat, they tend to stick to the same ol’ recipes over and over again. So, if you’re getting a little sick of the usual ground suspects, I got you covered! Below are five of my favorite creative recipes that use ground venison. Each more delicious than the next.

Pro tip: all venison meat is interchangeable with other deer or cervid meat. Meaning – you can use Elk, Axis or any exotics whenever you see a recipe call for “venison”.

How about these mouthwatering and TENDER Venison meatballs?

venison meatballs in red sauce

Fork tender and packed with flavor, this is the venison meatball recipe you’ve been waiting for. It uses two tricks to achieve a tender results – one: blending your venison with pork or beef fat. Two: breadcrumbs soaked in milk to help keep the meat moist. Get the recipe here.

Comfort food in the form of giant stuffed ricotta and ground venison shells

stuffed shells with ground venison

Giant shells are filled with a combination of well-seasoned venison, vivid spinach and creamy ricotta cheese. Boiled then baked, the shells take on ever-so-slightly crispy edges while the marinara sauce keeps everything else moist. If there was ever a version of “meatifying” a traditionally vegetarian dish, this is it. Get the recipe here.

Up your breakfast game with this recipe for smoked venison ‘scotch eggs’

smoked venison scotch eggs

A perfectly soft-boiled egg encased in seasoned & smoked venison sausage and lacquered with BBQ sauce. These venison Scotch eggs are a complete all-in-one breakfast treat. Even better, they can be assembled in advance and take under an hour to smoke to breakfasty perfection. Get the recipe here.

Savor a Tex Mex twist with this recipe for green Venison chilaquiles

venison chilaquiles recipe

Traditional chilaquiles verdes are given a meaty boost with the addition of seasoned ground venison. Chilaquiles are thick tortilla chips that are doused in a spice and bright salsa, and made even heartier with the ground venison. Don’t forget to top it off with a sunny side up egg for the perfect breakfast option. Get the recipe here.

Sweet meets meat in perfect harmony with this recipe for savory venison strudel with cranberry chutney.

savory venison strudel

This savory venison strudel is stuffed with a spiced cranberry relish, wrapped in layers of flaky phyllo pastry. Do not underestimate the awesome results when pastry and meat are combined. I mean, just take a look at these sausage rolls. Or these meat pies. Need more proof? This savory strudel should have you easily convinced. Get the recipe.

Looking for even more venison recipes? Browse my full recipe archive here.


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