2020 gift guide for carnivores

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for BBQ & Meat Lovers

Perfect gifts for the fire-loving carnivore – here are my picks for the giving season.

Tis the season! Hunting season! Ha, couldn’t resist that little carnivores joke… But it is indeed the season for gift giving, and grill-obsessed carnivores can be the hardest folks to buy for. Don’t fret – I’m here to make it all easy. In fact, if YOU’RE the meat lover, you need only cut and paste this webpage and send it straight to the gift giver in your life. Arguably, you could even cut out the middle man and just treat yourself to a gift.

Whether you are shopping for someone else, or using this guide to give others an idea of what to get you, here are my choices for the best gifts for meat lovers this year:

2020 gift guide for carnivores

Top row, L-R:

  • My signed and personalized cookbook: yup, that’s right! You can order my cookbook, Hardcore Carnivore, and if you leave at note at checkout I’ll personally sign and customize it to your request. Plus, you end up with an incredible cookbook with over 100 recipes, so it’s a real win/win. Shop now.
  • PK Grills 360: This is the most used grill in my arsenal – I love the shape of the actual cook surface and the refill flap on the grate makes it so user friendly. The PK Classic is also a great option. Shop now.
  • Gerber FlatIron knife: half every day carry, half cooking mini cleaver. This baby is the perfect pocket knife for meat cooks as it takes on double duty. Shop now.
  • Kingsford Chimney: this is one of the BEST things a charcoal cook can own. It makes lighting a charcoal grill RIDICULOUSLY easy and also comes in handy as a super aggressive steak searing machine. This Kingsford one is also quite large in size, so let’s you heat up a better quantity for larger cooks. Shop now.

Middle row, L-R:

  • Thermapen digital thermometer: the number one recommended tool for people looking to up their meat cooking game. Perfect and precise results every time, this thermometer comes calibrated and displays the reading in just over three seconds. Shop now.
  • Hardcore Carnivore seasonings: I’m a little biased, but I’m super proud of these incredible rubs and spices! With specialty applications from steak, to wild game, your best bet is to grab a Big 5 sampler, which is always on sale.  Shop now.
  • High heat gloves: the key here is that these fabric gloves (perfect for grill, smoker or oven) are easy to work in, have a badass design and are WASHABLE! Shop now.

Bottom row, L-R:

  • Butterpat skillet: this is the Rolls Royce of skillets and a gift that will last a lifetime. Modern cast iron milled smooth just like the coveted vintage pans you wish your grandma left you. Shop now.
  • Made In skillet: if you can’t quite afford a Rolls yet, consider some cookware from this local Austin brand. Their stainless steel skillets are real workhorses (and also sear the hell out of a steak) but the price is nearly too good to be true. Shop now.
  • Enso silicone ring: I ordered one of these a while back to use whenever I don’t want to wear my wedding band, and I love it! They’re comfortable to wear and also way safer than cooking and moving heavy grills/wood/smokers in a traditional ring. A really thoughtful little gift you never knew you needed. Shop now.
  • Pitts & Spitts pellet grill: while I once , I realize how popular pellet cookers have become, and have great respect for the convenience they bring to our busy lives. With so many large names eclipsing the market, it’s nice to know you can still buy American-made (in fact, these are made right here in Texas) and have had incredible reviews. Shop now.

All of the items featured were carefully selected to appear in this guide, none are paid placements though some items were provided as samples. This post also contains affiliate links. Anything that ended up making the cut to feature in this guide comes with an enthusiastic two thumbs up from me – Jess.