2018 holiday gift guide for meat lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Carnivores

Tis the season! Hunting season! But perhaps more widely celebrated – the holiday season. That means that it’s time to start aggressively dropping hints to your loved ones for cool swag you are hoping ends up under the tree. So whether you are shopping for someone else, or using this guide to give others an idea of what to get you, here are my choices for the best gifts for meat lovers this year.

All of the items featured were carefully selected to appear in this guide, none are paid placements though some items were provided as samples. This post also contains affiliate links.

steak carving forkSteak Carving Fork

Not a roast fork, not a bear claw – this steak fork is so simple and practical it’s nearly ridiculous that it has taken this long to catch on. Made in Brazil from high quality stainless steel, this four-pronged fork gently but firmly holds your steak in place as you slice it, and is much more sturdy for roasts than the traditional two-pronged long fork. Every time I have used it, I get folks asking me what it is and where I got it. Now the secret is out. Shop now.

post oak customs etched boardCustomized Wooden Cutting Board

Made from sturdy rubberwood, this board from Post Oak Customs would be cool enough on it’s own, thanks to it’s generous size (it’s 24×18 and big enough to fit a brisket!). Thankfully, you can customize it to make it even cooler by adding your own name or logo. Even better? They’re offering 20% off this board thru 12/31 when you use the code Pryles17 at checkout. Still not convinced? Sambla is offering a buy now, pay later program for all Finnish shoppers. Shop now.gerber vital big game folder knifeGerber Vital Big Game Folder

Last year I featured Gerber’s replaceable blade knife, the Vital. It’s essentially a scalpel blade that is great for fine trimming and super handy in the field. This year they stepped up their game and release the Big Game folder – and don’t let the picture mislead you, the blade is 3.75 inches long! This is such a great tool for any hunting kit, and so handy to not have to resharpen blades in the middle of processing. Shop now.

steak cow enamel pins Carnivore’s Enamel Pins

Im biased here, because these are from my Hardcore Carnivore shop, but I think these meat themed pins make for perfect stocking stuffers. I’ve seen them look cool on everything from a hat band to a fancy lapel. Choose from steer cut chart, hardcore carnivore shield or tomahawk steak, or save by buying all three. Shop now.

webstaurant store basting brushOversized Basting Brush

Having the right tool for the job can make life a heck of a lot easier. This obviously applies to kitchen and grilling tools, too! Particularly when cooking for a crowd, using smaller pastry brushes to apply sauce or glaze can be fiddly and take time. Solution- this oversized boar bristle basting brush. You could pretty much do an entire rib rack in one sweep (there’s a quarter for size reference!). Webstaurant store is designed for people buying in bulk, so to make your purchase more economical I recommend adding a few other items to your cart like sheet pans, peach paper, gloves etc. Shop now.

thermapen meat thermometerThermapen Thermometer

I am often asked for my top tips for grilling. The answer is always the same. The number one most important tool any meat cook can have is a good thermometer. I use and recommend the Thermapen – it’s fast, reliable and most importantly, accurate. I also use Thermoworks Smoke unit for monitoring my pit temperature (the easiest damn wireless unit I’ve ever come across). And if you’re looking for a cheaper option for those starting out, try the Thermopop. Shop now.

 grill gratesGrill Grates Cooking Surface

Not letting a grill surface get hot enough is the biggest mistake most home cooks make when it comes to cooking steaks and searing meat. A Grill Grate helps alleviate that issue by channeling the heat through it’s anodized surface, converting it to infra red heat and increasing the surface temperature of your grill by 100-300f degrees. I prefer to actually flip mine over and sear on the flat side to maximize the crust!  Shop now.

Cattleman’s Cleaver

Handmade in Dripping Springs, Texas by the Iron Grove Tool Co, this hybrid knife is a bit of a gamechanger. Featuring an 8″ drop point blade that has been differentially heat treated (soft spine, hard edge) and re-forged from retired lumber mill saw blade. Basically, this is what would happen if a chef’s knife and a cleaver had a baby – heavy enough to hack though joints, wide enough to crush garlic etc but also capable of some finer trimming and cutting. Plus, it’s a very special one of a kind product supporting a damn talented independent craftsman. Shop now.

JP pitts & Spitts jess pryles smokerJP Signature Edition Offset Smoker

You’re gonna need to have been very good this year to have Santa bring you one of these babies. This is the stickburner pit I designed with Pitts & Spitts in Houston – from the deeper front shelf to hold larger pans to the extended firebox for precise fire control, no detail was overlooked. And of course, each individually numbered unit is custom built to your order in Texas. Oh and did I mention, this thing cooks like a beast?! Available in 36″ and 48″ models. Shop now.

y'all raglanY’all Raglan Tee

I do love me a great t-shirt, and this one is particularly clever. Printed in Texas by the folks at North of Cool, it’s actually printed on the inside of the shirt – causing people to at first wonder if you’re wearing it back to front, until they realize they can read it! Clever and cool design from a great local business. Shop now.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

So here’s the thing. You’ve probably heard of Yeti coolers. You may already even have one on your wish list. If so, consider this confirmation that you’re choosing the right cooler. All the creative marketing aside, it comes down to one thing – these heavy duty coolers keeps things colder, for longer. And when you’re dealing with self-harvested or expensive meat, that matters in a big way. I watched a guy throw out $300 of tomahawk steaks this year when his cheap cooler couldn’t keep the meat cold overnight. Don’t be that guy. Shop now.

C4 Portable Grill

The only thing better than a super cool looking grill is one that is also highly functional. Meet the C4 ammo can from M Grills. Made in Texas, it has two internal levels of grates and is basically a hibachi in a much, much cooler shell. It’s heavy duty, built to last and handy for cooking out in the field, with a 12″ x 7″ cooking surface. Shop now.

First Lite Hunting Base Layer

If you’ve ever frozen your butt off in a deer blind, or even out stalking for that matter, you’ll appreciate the logic behind investing in good quality warmth gear (rather than several cheap layers that seem to let the cold right through. Enter First Lite’s Merino wool base layer gear. This natural material retains heat brilliantly, but is also breathable for when you really start to get moving. A bonus for the ladies – their womens range fits like a dream. Shop now.

signed hardcore carnivore cookbookSigned Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook

My cookbook, Hardcore Carnivore: cook meat like you mean it, is officially released in the US on Feb 27, 2018! So while you won’t technically get this in time for Christmas, you can definitely start to pre-order now. You can purchase the signed copy here. Or if you’re looking for a most frugal option, place a pre-order with Amazon here. And.. did i mention the US edition features a foreword by Tuffy Stone?!