gift guide for meat lovers

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for unique gift ideas for grill lovers and meat fans? I have you covered with these 9 great options.

Each year I try to piece together a few awesome items that I would be more than pleased to find waiting under the tree. I think that these gifts would be similarly appreciated by carnivores, bourbon aficionados, meat enthusiasts and general badasses (and if you’re reading this, you probably fall into at least one of the aforementioned categories).

Here are the items that made the 2016 gift guide:

post oak customs insulated tumbler
Post Oak Custom’s insulated “Pitmaster” tumbler.

I’m a huge fan of Post Oak Custom’s tumblers. Though they do offer customized options, their classic range of BBQ themed designs are awesome. My particular favorite? This 30 oz insulated black ‘pitmaster’ tumbler. They’re offering 10% off all orders for you guys too, just use code JESSPRYLES at checkout (expires end of December). Shop here.


oren international custom pink paper
customized pink paper

Any serious barbecue nerd knows about pink paper (if you don’t, you can read all about it here). Now not only can you find it wrapped around the most prestigious briskets in the world, you can even order your own customized version, printed in food-safe ink. There is a 3 roll minimum order starting at $200 per 500′ roll, but it’s sure to be a gift no one else has. To find out more, email Oren International here. Or, you can order the unprinted version here.


iron grove vintage cleaver
hand forged cleaver from Iron Grove Tool Co

I ordered my custom cleaver (with a gorgeous walnut handle) from Iron Grove Tool Co this year and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Made in Dripping Springs, Texas, Daniel the blacksmith uses locally salvaged steel and reclaimed lumber whenever possible and there’s something very special about the rustic and bespoke items. Check out their shop here.

m brady clark bbq print
‘Best In Texas’ BBQ print

Austin (or more precisely, Georgetown) based designer M. Brady Clark is a talented guy and enthusiastic carnivore. His “Texas By The Cord” poster which identifies the various woods used in different regions of Texas barbecue is fabulous, but so is this “Best In Texas” print, which I have framed up on my wall. Grab yours here.

Jacob Bromwell copper flask
Jacob Bromwell copper flask

It sounds like a modern hip label with a throwback name, but Jacob Bromwell is actually the oldest housewares company in the United States, founded in 1819. They still manufacture all their products in the USA, including many historically significant items like the original popcorn popper. I’m fascinated by their copper items, particularly their flasks, which are hand soldered and come with a lifetime guarantee. The price tags on the Bromwell items are a little high dollar, but they are heirloom pieces. Shop the flasks here. From Black Friday through December 20th, use the code SAVE50 for a massive 50% discount!

hardcore carnivore seasoning rub
Hardcore Carnivore Black seasoning rub

Ok sure, this is actually my meat seasoning rub, but it’s seriously good. Pretty much everyone who tries it falls in love with it instantly for two main reasons. Firstly (and most importantly), it tastes damn good and is one of the few rubs which complements and enhances meat without overpowering it. Secondly, the activated charcoal creates an incredible black exterior on the meat, which makes for a drool-worthy appearance. Buy Hardcore Carnivore Black here.

lone mountain waygu
Lone Mountain Wagyu beef

I’m privileged to work with several exceptional meat producers and Lone Mountain Wagyu is one of my favorites. Their 100% fullblood Wagyu product is exceptionally marbled and is a luxurious treat for any meat aficionado. My most ordered items are their beef cheeks, ground beef (next level burgers y’all!) and their tri tip. The good news is, luxury just became even more affordable, because Lone Mountain Wagyu are offering 15% off all orders for Jess Pryles readers until the end of the year! Just use code PRYLES15 at checkout. Shop here.

Gerber Vital blade knife
Gerber Vital fixed blade knife

I added this Gerber Vital fixed blade knife to my kitchen arsenal last year, and it has fast become one of my most invaluable kitchen tools. Designed for hunting, it has a replaceable scalpel blade which is extra helpful for those who may not be great at sharpening their knifes. The small handle and delicate blade make it perfect for fine trimming and detail work when larger knives may be more cumbersome. There’s also a folding version for those who prefer to carry. Buy it here.

Thermowork's Smoke wireless monitor
Thermowork’s Smoke wireless monitor

Undoubtedly the Thermapen is the rolls royce of thermometers, and any serious meat cook knows the value and importance of a reliable thermometer! The makers of the Thermapen have finally released their own wireless system for remotely monitoring pit temperatures, Smoke. With an app and wifi compatibility on the way, it will fast become a must-have item for low’n’slow enthusiasts. Get yours here.

All the items featured in this post were carefully curated and selected because I think they’re awesome! None of the above products are paid or sponsored, but some of the items were provided to me as samples, and this post contains affiliate links (which help support this site).