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create a steak platter as an appetizer
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How to create the ultimate steak platter

Create serious table side drama with the ultimate steak platter. A steak platter is the perfect way to serve and present shareable steaks with style.

how to make grilled oysters

Grilled Oysters with Umami Dashi Butter

Enhance the briny sea flavors of fresh oysters with a few hot minutes on a grill and a punch of salty umami butter.

queso stuffed bbq balls

Queso Stuffed BBQ Balls – smoky, cheesy goodness.

The secret to these smoky barbecued beef balls is the melty queso-stuffed interior. 

Smokey BBQ Pepper Jelly Pork Ribs

Smokey BBQ Pepper Jelly Pork Ribs

The perfect combo of sweet and heat with a shimmering lacquered glaze makes these barbecued Pepper Jelly Pork Ribs irresistible. 


Pork Belly Porchetta (with crispy skin!)

Cooked over open coal rotisserie until the skin turns golden and crispy, this recipe for pork belly porchetta remains lusciously tender on the inside

Smoked tri tip steak

Smoked Tri Tip Steak

Think you couldn't possibly love steak anymore? Wait until you try it smoked. Check out this recipe for perfectly medium rare Smoked Tri Tip.

philly cheesesteak with wagyu

How to make seriously good Philly Cheesesteaks

The secret to a great Philly Cheesesteak is choosing the right cut, and the perfect ratio of tender and crispy bits.

venison strudel

Savory Cranberry & Venison Strudel

A recipe for savory venison strudel stuffed with a spiced cranberry relish, wrapped in layers of flaky phyllo pastry.

texas patty melt sliders

Grilled Texas Patty Melt Sliders

A beef patty smothered in American cheese, nestled atop Texas toast and topped with onion & jalapeno. Try this recipe for grilled patty melt sliders.

michelada skirt steak fajitas-38

Grilled Michelada Skirt Steak Fajitas

A tangy marinade of tomato, beer and spice turn these beef Michelada skirt steak fajitas into a delicious grilled meal.

buffalo brined grilled chicken nuggets

Buffalo Brined Grilled Chicken Nuggets

An overnight brine bath in buttermilk and hot sauce keeps these buffalo-brine grilled chicken nuggets moist as they char over coals.

pulled pork pizza rolls

Cheesy BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza Rolls

Chewy dough parcels stuffed with sauce, smokey meat and cheese. Heck yeah! Try this recipe for cheesy pulled pork pizza rolls.

pork crown roast

Crown Roast of Pork with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

This bright red achiote-basted pork crown roast is given the tropical treatment with a side of spicy grilled pineapple salsa.


Venison Pot Pie with Red Wine & Mushrooms

Hunker down with this warming venison pot pie with rich red wine gravy. Make one large pie or several individual portions.

roast beef with gremolata and charred sprouts

St Paddys: Roast beef with gremolata & charred sprouts

Looking for an alternative to traditional St Paddys Day menus? This vibrant and bright take on traditional beef and cabbage is a delicious twist.

how to chimney sear a steak
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How to cook GIANT STEAKS with a chimney sear

Get the ultimate sear to finish your steaks by cooking directly over a chimney full of coals.

venison chilaquiles verdes

Chilaquiles Verdes Con Venado (venison)

Traditional chilaquiles verdes are given a meaty boost with the addition of ground venison and a fried egg.

koji marinaded flank steak with crispy rice and miso butter

Koji Flank Steak with Crispy Rice & Miso Butter

Koji marinaded flank steak grilled to perfection then paired with crispy, crunchy rice all drenched in salty miso butter.

grilled chicken heart yakitori

Offaly Good Chicken Heart Yakitori

Conquer your fear of the weird parts: chicken hearts are tasty little morsels that are perfect for char-grilling.

how to make beef bacon

How to make (freaking delicious) beef bacon

If you thought regular bacon was delicious, wait until you taste the crispy golden goodness of beef bacon.

boudin stuffed king cake recipe

Boudin Stuffed King Cake with Steen’s Glaze

Have your meat cake and eat it too. Try this boudin-stuffed king cake for Mardi Gras.

al pastor pork wontons

Crispy Al Pastor Pork Wontons

Enjoy these not-at-all authentic wontons, loaded with an al-pastor inspired filling of earthy chili and grilled pineapple.

spicy yucatan chicken wings

Spicy Grilled Yucatán Chicken Wings

Up the heat factor on these spicy Yucatán chicken wings by drizzling with a generous pour of habanero citrus sauce.

garlic parmesan roast chicken

Garlic Parmesan Whole Roast Chicken

Why have one garlic parmesan wing when you can have the whole darn garlic parmesan roast chicken?!

stuffed shells with spinach, ricotta and venison

Stuffed Shells with Ricotta, Spinach & Venison

You'll love these jumbo pasta shells stuffed with a rich filling of cheese, spinach and ground venison


Venison Shanks with Stout, Coffee & Smoke.

Venison shanks are flavorful and packed with rich gelatin, Twice cooked with a smoke and a braise, they may become your new favorite cut.

smoked burnt ends

Best-ever BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends

Smokey, sticky nuggets packed with extreme beefiness, follow this recipe to create the ultimate bbq burnt ends.

smoked venison scotch eggs recipe

Smoked Venison Scotch Eggs

A perfectly soft-boiled egg encased in seasoned and smoked venison sausage. These venison Scotch eggs are a complete all-in-one breakfast treat.

pulled pork

How to make Classic Barbecue Pulled Pork

Smoked low and slow until pull-apart tender, classic barbecue pulled pork is cheap, easy and delicious.

texas t-bone steak

Texas T-Bone Steak (with jalapeño and garlic)

A hint of spice and some punchy Tex-Mex flavors make this Texas T-Bone lone star-sized in taste.

venison stew with mushroom and barley

Hearty Venison Stew with Mushrooms & Barley

A true hunter and gatherer dish, this venison stew with barley and a variety of mushrooms is a hearty meal in a bowl.

make your own venison stock

Make your own Venison Stock

True nose to tail eating finds a use for the bones, too. Follow this recipe to create your own rich venison stock.


Cowboy Casserole with Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuit Crust

Sure to keep any cowboy well fed, this delicious casserole is a hearty stew of beef and beans, finished with a golden biscuit crust.

wine braised beef short ribs

Twice-Cooked Drunken Beef Short Ribs

These braised drunken beef short ribs have a crispy exterior that yields to a super soft wine-braised centre.

7 great venison recipes

7 Great Venison Recipes Perfect For Fall

From chicken-fried to stuffed backstraps, try these creative and delicious venison recipes at home.

Quinoa & Beef Stuffed Squash with jalapeño & pecan

Quinoa & Beef Stuffed Squash with jalapeño & pecan

Roasted then packed with a hearty filling, these stuffed squash are the perfect dinner feast for a cold night.


Cajun Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Good gumbo is as dark and murky as a Southern Louisiana swamp. Learn how to perfect your roux and create this rich chicken and andouille gumbo.

ribeye cap spinalis dorsi best ever steak
Guides, Recipes

Rare Steaks: Spinalis Dorsi, the Ribeye cap

Ever wondered what the most coveted cut on a steer is? Newsflash, it's not the tenderloin! Meet the tastiest beef muscle of all - the Spinalis Dorsi.

breakfast taquitos

Breakfast Taquitos with sausage, spinach & egg

Breakfast taquitos are a natural extension for any fan of the breakfast taco, with their crispy exterior shell.

stuffed meatball sub recipe

Stuffed Meatball Sub with Pork & Venison

This stuffed meatball sub is a great use for ground venison, but is a stand alone winner with two epic layers of cheesy goodness.

stuffed venison backstrap

Stuffed Venison Backstrap with Walnut, Sage & Cremini Mushroom

Some folks call it loin, others call it backstrap- whatever you call it, don't cut it up into steaks! Check out this whole stuffed venison backstrap.

how to smoke a brisket
Guides, Recipes

How to smoke a brisket (and the answer isn’t a recipe!)

Learn my top 4 commandments that are essential to achieving a successful brisket cook (plus a few bonus tips).


Stuffed Pretzel Buns with Chorizo & Mozzarella

Pull apart one of these salty pretzel buns to reveal a stuffing of chorizo and gooey, runny mozzarella...

grilled lamb ribs recipe

Garlic & Rosemary Grilled Lamb Ribs

Move over, baby backs, there's a new gnawingly good rib in town. Treat your tastebuds to this garlic & rosemary grilled Lamb ribs recipe.

grilled cedar planked salmon

Easy Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon with lemon

Infuse the vivid orange salmon with the scent of smouldering cedar. It's easy, fast and delicious to grill planked Sockeye salmon.

hatch chile bottom round roast beef

Bottom Round Roast Beef with Hatch Chile Crust

At around $5 a pound, the bottom round roast makes for an economical (and flavorful) cut. Try it with this roast Hatch chile crust!

how to make frito pie

Friday Night Lights and Frito Pie

The Texas traditions of high school football & Frito pie are inexorably linked. Learn more about the portable chili snack that's a Lone Star favorite.

the meatsplosion dog

Meatsplosion Dogs with cheese & bacon

Seasoned breakfast sausage stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and then grilled til crispy? Yes, the meatsplosion dog is a real thing.

smoked beef ribs

Salt & Pepper Smoked Beef Back Ribs

Meet the beef ribs you can smoke to perfection in just three hours.

how to make your own beef jerky

How to make (delicious) beef jerky

Making your own jerky at home is easier than you think. Here's how to do it:

smash burgers with melted cheese

Meet the Oklahoma Onion Burger

Charred onions with a beef patty smashed right over the top, and make it a double. You gotta try the Oklahoma Onion Burger.

smoked bbq pork ribs

Sweet, Sticky, Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

Smoked pork ribs are easy to make with the right recipe. Try these sticky BBQ St Louis ribs at home - you'll probably eat a whole rack to yourself!

pork tenderloin with cherry bourbon sauce

Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Bourbon sauce

You won't believe how easy it is to make this incredible seared pork tenderloin with cherry bourbon sauce. In fact, you can be ready to serve in...


Recipe: the secret to perfect crispy pork belly.

Perfectly crispy pork belly is easier to make than you think. Here's how to get incredibly moist pork topped with golden crunchy crackling.

korean gochujang cold noodle bowl

Summer Noodle Bowl with Spicy Korean Gochujang Beef

Spicy Gochujang-smothered pieces of filet meet fresh pickles and cool noodles for this easy summertime Korean-inspired noodle bowl.

mole negro skirt steak with charred onions

Cocoa-Rubbed Mole Negro Skirt Steak

Sounds strange, but when combined with incredible aromatic spices this cocoa-rubbed steak results in a big, bold beef experience. Try this Mole...

compound butters for steak with potatoes on a plate

6 epic compound butters to enhance your steak

Flavored or compound butters are easy to make and give you a simple and incredibly tasty way to complement and customise your steaks.

bone in new york strip steak

How to cook a bone-in steak, perfectly.

Don't be intimidated by bone-in steak cuts - with the right method it's easy to guarantee perfect steak at home, every time.

barbecue beef cheeks in the smoker

Smoked BBQ beef cheeks

They're small mini pillows of the most incredibly rich beefy flavor and soft gelatinous seams. If you like barbecue brisket, you're going to love...

seared duck breast with smoked blood orange sauce

Seared Duck with Smoked Blood Orange Sauce

Perfectly seared duck is a magnificent union of tender and juicy meat topped by a crown of crisp skin. Try this take on classic duck with orange,...

how to cook steak snake river farms tomahawk
Guides, Recipes

How to cook the perfect Tomahawk steak.

Get ready to grill up this Flintstone-inspired behemoth, it's easier than you think to cook a Tomahawk.

pretzel bun hot dogs with beer cheese sauce

Pretzel bun hot dogs with beer cheese

Beer, meat and cheese form a power trinity which trumps nearly all other combos. Ready to step up your dawg game? Try these pretzel bun wagyu hot...

mini aussie meat pies with beef recipe

Mini Aussie Meat Pies: rich & beefy snacks

Meat pies are a classic Australian icon, and with a flaky pastry exterior and a beefy filling with rich gravy, it won't take long before the rest...

king ranch sausage tmbbq
Guides, Recipes

Evan LeRoy’s Smoked King Ranch Sausage

Can you turn the classic Texan dish King Ranch chicken casserole into a sausage? Evan LeRoy can- and it's packed with all the flavors of the original.

medium rare flat iron wagyu steak with salsa verde recipe

Flat Iron steak with Italian Salsa Verde

Flat Iron steak is perfect for spring grilling, and particularly delicious with this bright, fresh and beefy pairing.

mini beef taco bites

Beefy, Cheesy Mini Taco Bites

Looking for the perfect Cinco De Mayo party snacks? Harness the flavor of beefy, cheesy (somewhat trashy) Tex Mex with these mini taco bites.

venison bolognese recipe in bowl

Venison Bolognese – a field to plate recipe

Rich and comforting, this simple Venison Bolognese recipe is great over any type of pasta you choose.


BBQ Pork Rub Recipe – get it on your butt.

The perfect pork rub will enhance, not mask, the meat with a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, salty & zesty.


Steak bites with blue cheese, fig & bourbon jam

Good news, bourbon & fig paste is the new utility player in your culinary arsenal. Here's how to make it...

venison blackstrap with blackberry and thyme

Seared Venison Backstrap with Blackberry Sauce

It's lean, delicate and most importantly, delicious. Follow this easy recipe for venison backstrap with blackberry sauce.

pork crown roast for Easter

Pork Crown Roast with Drunken Apples

This spectacular pork roast will be the crowning glory of a beautiful meal for guests.

perfect seared steak on a wooden board
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Make your steak better before you even cook it with Dry Brining

This method for dry brining steak, paired with reverse sear cooking, will result in the best tasting steaks you've ever cooked at home.

home made smoked cured bacon
Guides, Recipes

How to make and cure your own smoky bacon

There are few single ingredients that are so universally adored as bacon. And the only thing better than bacon is homemade bacon. Curing your own...

make your own jerky
Guides, Recipes

Bloody Mary flavored Venison Jerky

It takes one simple piece of equipment with one switch to create awesome jerky at home.

pork sausage rolls

Classic Sausage Rolls with Pork, Beer & Sage

Flaky pastry encases a beer-kissed filling of pork & sage, what's not to like about this recipe for sausage rolls?

chicken fried venison with waffles and serrano honey

Chicken-Fried Venison, Waffles & Serrano Honey

This dish is delicious for dinner, but even better for brunch. BYO mimosa...

beef debris poboy recipe

Ms Linda’s Cajun beef debris poboy

This recipe for Cajun rice & gravy spans back over three Southern Louisiana generations, but happens to make for an excellent sandwich, too.

chicken & waffles mini appetizer recipe

Mini Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffle Bites with Candied Jalapeños.

These epic bite-sized appetizers just threw down the gauntlet for all other snacks to step up their game.

braised asian kurobuta pork belly

Braised pork belly with soy & star anise

Melt in your mouth tender when braised, pork belly isn't just reserved for makin' bacon...

beef cheek with grits

Porter braised beef cheek with grits & sorghum

Hearty and rich, braised beef cheeks make for a perfect winter meal. Check out this beer-braised recipe served with some Southern staples.

tamalada making tamale for christmas
Guides, Recipes

Tamalada – the Christmas tradition of tamale making

Ever made 172 tamale in a day? Join a traditional Tamalada and see exactly what goes into making these delicious parcels of corn dough and meat.


Rare Steaks: using the tenderloin tip for steak tartare.

This fancy French classic is affordably attainable at home - you just need to know what to look for at the grocery store.

classic shepherds pie recipe

Cottage or Shepherd’s pie? Either way, winter comfort food.

Whether you make it with lamb, beef or both, the combo of rich gravy meat & fluffy mashed potatoes makes this recipe an instant cold weather winner.

pastry parcels with turkey

Turkey, cranberry & brie pockets.

Turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into these easy Turkey pockets.

praline bacon with brown sugar and pecans on plate

Make your own Praline Bacon

Who says you can't have bacon for dessert? Check out this recipe for true "meat candy".

pulled pork, bacon and pork rind poppers

Triple Pork Jalapeno Poppers with crushed Cracklins

Game day snacks just went next level....


Ancho Chile & Coffee Steak Rub

Smokey, rich and earthy, this rub is a perfect complement to beef.

Guides, Recipes

Rare steaks: what is Tri Tip and how to cook it

Previously found only in Californian butchers, this triangular muscle of goodness is making a national comeback.


Forget biscuits & gravy, here’s BRISKET & gravy!

The ultimate in breakfast leftover recipes - smoked brisket gravy over fresh biscuits

Guides, Recipes

Grilled Skirt Steak with Pickle Juice brine

Don't throw out that left over pickle juice, it's the perfect meat brine!


How to make Sticky Burnt Onion & Bacon Jam

Good on waffles, steak or straight from the spoon...

flat iron steak sandwich recipe
Guides, Recipes

“Philly Cheesefake” – the best steak sandwich, ever.

Here's why the flat iron is the perfect cut of beef for a steak sandwich.

Venison, bacon & poblano wraps

Venison, bacon & poblano wraps

These venison, poblano and bacon wraps are the perfect tailgating recipe, because you can pre-wrap all of them and grill up a bunch at once.

slow cooker chicken taco recipe

How to make easy slow cooker chicken tacos

Set, forget, add in a tortilla and you're all ready to enjoy the delicious.

Duck fat caramels with vanilla bourbon recipe

Salted Duck Fat Caramels with Vanilla Bourbon

Yeah you read right. Duck fat caramels. Legit meat candy.

jess pryles burgermary how to smoke barbecue lamb shoulder

How to Smoke Lamb Shoulder

Lamb isn't the most famous of barbecue meats, but it's fatty and slightly gamey meat means it's practically built for smoking.

how to reverse sear steak

How to cook a steak with Reverse Sear method

Hailed as the ultimate way to cook a perfect medium rare steak every time, learn how to cook the Reverse Sear method.


Flank Steak Carne Asada Tacos

This recipe for carne asada tacos has a delicious secret - beer marinade!